Photography is my trade, if you like. It is the medium I have known for the longest and the one thing that has bought me so much satisfaction from day one. Of course I look back at my old work and think… SHEEEZZZ… Did I really take that! But, we all have to start somewhere, my shear passion for this medium has really paid off. Shooting many genres over the years and almost feeling a little lost at times, I have realised that images require a narrative.



Portraiture is a way of interacting with people on a deeper level. A face can tell you so much about that person and can have a thousand stories to tell. That is what makes Portraiture magical for me.

Botany Bay.


This is a fairly new medium for me and has given my photography a whole to perspective! The images you can capture with a drone are just phenomenal. Admitadly trying to shoot with a narrative with a drone can be quite tricky unless those images are included in a series that tells a story.



Having an amazing place to photograph is half the battle. I like to bring a feeling of loneliness and solitude when shooting on location. That can be tricky, dependent on location. For me there is nothing more satisfying creating an image that is empty, clean and brings feeling.

I currently shoot with a Sony A7 / Pentax K1000 & a Nikon FM.